Non-school staff

ITD takes all the hard work out of organising computers for non-school staff, so business units can focus on core business activities. Here's how.

ITD provides a standard, consistent user experience across non-school sites so that staff can work from any of them and be up and running immediately.

New starters

ITD provides either a Microsoft Surface Pro or Microsoft Surface Book to new starters when they commence with the department.

Managers need to request a device for a new starter via EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 or by logging an online query. Please note that at least 5 business days notice is required to ensure equipment is ready for the new starter. The earlier managers notify ITD, the better!

The business unit will normally have a monitor and dock with the necessary cables to connect the device. Managers should check this is the case and note in the request if these peripherals are required.

The device, keyboard, mouse, pen and sleeve are allocated to an individual and it is their responsibility to safeguard them. They should be locked away securely at night or taken home.

Download our IT induction training pack (PDF 2.9MB) to learn how to use your Surface Pro.


When a staff member leaves the department or moves to a school role, they must return their equipment to ITD. The equipment remains the staff member's responsibility until it is returned to ITD.

Staff need to call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 or log an online query to notify ITD of their end date. The local support team will coordinate a suitable time to retrieve the equipment.

Please note, it is the individual's responsibility to transfer personal data from the device.

The device, keyboard, mouse, pen and sleeve are allocated to an individual and all must be returned when a staff member leaves.

The employee/managers exit checklist (PDF 245KB) is available to remind staff what else they need to do before leaving.


Microsoft Surface Pro

The standard device for non school staff is the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Microsoft Surface Pro bundle includes:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro and charger
  • wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Microsoft SurfacePen
  • carry bag/protective sleeve.
Microsoft Surface Pro images
Image: Microsoft Surface Pro

This ultra-lightweight device, weighing under 800 grams, supports business requirements for flexibility, mobility and collaboration.

It can be used as a laptop, a tablet or a desktop device. Staff can connect it to their dock to use it like a desktop computer or remove its type cover to use it as a tablet.

Having a Microsoft Surface Pro bundle negates the need for additional laptop, tablet, iPad and monitor purchases.

The Surface Pro measures 292 mm x 201 mm x 8.5 mm and comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a computer designed for running processor and memory-hungry applications.

ITD only allocates these devices on an as-needed basis, based on application requirements or roles.

Microsoft Surface Book
Image: Microsoft Surface Book

The Surface Book 2 weighs 1500 grams and just like the Surface Pro can act as a desktop when connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse via the dock.

The Surface Book 2 measures 312 mm x 232 mm x 15 mm and comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM.


Hotdesks are available at most corporate locations for visiting staff to use. A hotdesk is a desktop PC connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Visitors can use the desktop PC or connect their Surface device to the dock like at their main location.

Peripherals and accessories


ITD provides a 32 inch high definition monitor with the Microsoft Surface devices. These monitors are height and angle adjustable, with the option to rotate to a portrait orientation.

The monitor is large enough to display multiple documents at a time. In addition, Windows 10 includes functionality to easily split, adjust and position the documents or applications on the screen. Staff can also use the Microsoft Surface device as an additional screen when connected to the dock and monitor.

Keyboard and mouse

ITD also provides a wireless keyboard and mouse set. A USB receiver is housed inside the battery compartment of the mouse. This needs to be plugged into the device to start using the mouse and keyboard.

Carry bag/protective sleeve

ITD provides an Everki carry bag/protective sleeve to help protect the device from damage and support portability. Staff may personalise (label) this sleeve to distinguish their Surface device from their colleague's, without permanently marking the device itself. ITD will label the device itself during deployment.

With the flexibility and mobility offered by the new Surface devices, comes greater responsibility. At the end of each day, staff will need to either take their device home with them or securely store it in the office.

Frequently asked questions

The Surface device, power adapter, keyboard and mouse are assigned to you. This includes the USB receiver which connects the keyboard and mouse to the Surface. Ensure your USB receiver is plugged directly into your device so you don't lose it.

At the end of the day, store your device, keyboard and mouse in your locker. If you work from alternative locations you can take this equipment with you – just don’t forget to bring it back! You can store the USB receiver in the mouse battery compartment when traveling.

The monitor, dock and cables are assigned to the desk so you can enjoy a consistent desktop experience as you move around and share desks.

Your Surface device receives power when connected to the dock, so you don’t need your power adapter when working at an ABW desk. It’s wise to keep it in your carry bag or locker though, in case you need it while working away from your desk or if your battery has run down completely.

Sites that are currently set-up for ABW are: 105 Phillip St, ATP, 259 George St.

Please take your Surface device, keyboard, mouse, power adaptor, pen and carry bag with you to your new location. Only the monitor, dock and video cable should be left for the next user.

When you leave the department to take a role elsewhere (including a school), please return your device to ITD. Log a call in advance with EDConnect to request the collection of your device at the end of your last day. We will collect your device and all accessories and reimage it for re-use. Devices and equipment not returned to ITD will be charged to the business unit.

With the added flexibility and mobility, comes greater responsibility. You are required to either take your device home each night or to lock it away securely at the office. You can use the protective sleeve/carry bag provided by the department to transport the device safely. The device is not to be left on your desk overnight.

Please take your device home during this period and ensure it is secure at all times. Alternatively, your office may have alternate solutions for storing your device securely while you are on short-term leave. ABW sites will have individual lockers for this.

Please log a call with EDConnect to return the device to ITD and we will provide you with a replacement device on your return. Alternatively, you may choose to retain the device during your leave, after discussion and approval from your line manager.

No, ComFleet aims to offer all corporate staff the flexibility, mobility and agility that the Surface devices can deliver, so we will deploy a device to all users, including those in part time or job share roles.

Please log a call with EDConnect. Remember to secure your device overnight and never leave it unattended in your car. Any damaged, lost or stolen devices and accessories will be charged to the business. Please ensure you have a police report in the case of stolen equipment.

Departmental policy does not allow for the purchase of equipment that is in addition to what it has already provided to support flexible working. Please refer to the flexible work arrangements policy and supporting documents for details on how to work at alternate sites.

ComFleet's scope covers non-school staff only. If you are a school wanting to purchase Surface devices, please do this through EdBuy.

If you require any of these, please log a call with EDConnect and ITD will supply an appropriate device to meet your needs.

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