Learning tools selector

The Learning tools selector is a web application that supports teachers to make informed decisions about the technologies they use with their students. The selector has been developed by the department's Learning Design and Development team.

Learning tools are represented as coloured tiles and arranged into categories that reflect modern teaching that align to the ICT Capability.  Browse using the following categories:

  • Investigate - Plan investigations then find and manage information
  • Create - Create meaning using text, graphics, video and audio
  • Communicate - Collaborate and share with your audience
  • Organise - Keep things in order

Each tile provides information about the tool, including:

  • educational use
  • more information and links to tutorials
  • how and where to get started

Using the application

  1. Select a category and subcategory that reflects the task you wish to perform.
  2. The selector presents a range of appropriate learning tools.
  3. Click on a tile for more information on that tool.
  4. Search for tools using a title, description or key word.
  5. Share or recommend tools to your colleagues.

Keep up to date as new tools will be added to the Learning tools selector regularly. You can also suggest new tools, report issues or even request different features using the feedback button on the site.

Please direct any questions to VLEsupport.LearningSystems@det.nsw.edu.au

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