KIDSPACE and student portal

The portal is the gateway to learning tools and other online resources provided to student's by the department. The student portal interface is differentiated across 3 age groups:

Each portal interface guides students easily to relevant key features to facilitate online learning.

Key features include:

  • school email
  • school library
  • search
  • calendar
  • My Links
  • blogED
  • learning
  • games.


KIDSPACE uses a simple and straight-forward layout to guide younger students through the portal while they are still developing digital fluency.

Student portal 3-6

The 3-6 portal supports continued development of digital fluency with access to key features such as calendar and school library. Giving students the ability to access the required learning resources and monitor key assessment dates that may be approaching.

Student portal 7-12

The 7-12 portal is designed to support the learning needs of secondary students and extends opportunities for the students to take greater control of their online learning.

Accessing the student portal

Students can access their portal on any internet connected device, by either navigating directly to and entering their individual login details or by visiting and using the login drop down menu on the top right hand side then clicking 'student portal'. School devices come ready to access all learning tools via these portals.

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