eT4L and management tools

eT4L provides management tools for a variety of useful self-service operations.

Tools and functions Users Overview
Building eT4L devices ICT Contacts Step by step guides to the F12 rebuild function and Mac deployment.

Deploying Apple caching server

ICT Contacts

The caching service speeds up the download and distribution of software and other content distributed by Apple.

Universal desktop management (UDM) ICT Contacts Access tools to manage multiple devices and deploy software remotely and set device attributes
Fleet management Principals and ICT Contacts A dashboard view of managed devices in the school and server notifications
Printer management ICT Contacts Set up and manage printers on the eT4L print management console.

Access management utility (AMU)


Grant access to staff for corporate applications, shared faculty folders and system administration tools. Guides include:



Staff Management Utility SMU Principals and ICT Contacts Reset staff passwords and user IDs, add and remove access and view SAP employee IDs.
Educational Management Utility (EMU) Principals and ICT Contacts Reset passwords and manage access for students.
eT4L server - network drive structure All staff The eT4L server houses several network drives for different users and user groups.
Windows Quick Assist / Remote Assistance All Staff

Allow someone you trust to view or remote control your computer and help you solve a problem .

Quick Assist on Windows 10 1709 or later

Remote Assistance on Windows 10 1703 or earlier

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