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Configuring your mobile device

  • You need to configure your mobile device to access your email, calendar items, contacts, and task data
  • Your details, DETuserID@det and password, and the server name are the same for all


To add your account

  1. Select your email application
  2. Select add account
  3. Select Microsoft exchange Active Sync or Exchange Account or similar as displayed
  4. Enter your email address and select manual set up - your email address will default
  5. Enter the server name and enter your DETuserID@det and password
  6. Select "Next" and confirm the data you want to see on your mobile, select "Next" again and "Finish Setup" - it can take a few minutes for set up to activate.

iPhone or iPad

  1. In "Settings" select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and then "Add Account"
  2. Select "Microsoft Exchange"
  3. Enter the information requested in the Email and Password boxes
  4. Type your full email address eg and include a description eg Work email then select "Next"
  5. Your email address will default but re-enter if any problem
  6. Enter your server name and leave the Domain blank
  7. Enter your username as eg john.citizen@det
  8. Enter your password and select "Next" then "save".

Managing your accounts

  • If you’re prompted to create a passcode and don't create one, you won't be able to send and receive email.
  • Do not use Outlook Web App to manually specify the devices you want to synchronize with your account. Devices that you connect to your account are displayed as connected devices within Outlook Web App after you have created a connection to your mailbox.
  • To view the devices you have connected to your account, in Outlook Web App, click Settings > Options > Phone > Mobile devices.

If you lose your device

  • If you connect to your mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync and lose your mobile device, you can remotely remove all of your mailbox data from it from within Outlook Web App.
  • You will also lose any information on your device’s storage card.
  • When you perform a remote device wipe from your mailbox, you can view a confirmation email as soon as the remote device wipe is complete.
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