Microsoft 365 Stream acceptable usage

Microsoft Stream is a tool within Microsoft 365 that allows users to create, discover and share videos securely within the Department of Education.

In Microsoft Stream:

  • Students are able to search for and view video content, but they are not able to upload and share a video.
  • Teachers are able to upload, organise and share video content with colleagues and students. Video shared in MS Stream is not able to be shared publicly.

    Teachers must have created, or have the approval of the creator/owner of any video content to be uploaded to Microsoft Stream.

Copyright and privacy considerations

When publishing video content to Microsoft Stream, teachers need to be aware of copyright law and the department’s policies about privacy. Particular attention should be given to publishing video content containing students and their work.

Read advice from the department’s Legal Services team covering copyright.

Related policies and documents

Communication Devices and Associated Services Policy

Social Media Policy

Download an Authority to publish student work form.

The Video and Photo Release Form could be adapted to reference MS Stream. Note that videos published to MS Stream are only available to staff and students within the department.

Privacy Bulletin No. 9 (November 2012) covers issues regarding the publication of material which is accessible by the general public, including draft text for permission request letters. Schools must not publish information that identifies or could reasonably identify a student, community member or any other individual unless the school has permission from that person.

Frequently asked questions

Can I republish video from another website?

With Microsoft Stream, teachers may be tempted to republish videos available online, for example, videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Websites such as YouTube do not provide a download option. Although there are ways to download a copy, it is a breach of the terms of use of the site and a breach of copyright to make a copy of the video without the permission of the owner. Some copyright owners may allow you to share their content, however, video hosting sites will usually provide an embed code to allow this, not a download button.

The terms of use of MS Stream require anyone uploading content to be the owner or creator of the content or to have the approval of such person.

What is Flexible Dealing?

S200AB Flexible Dealing is an exception in the Copyright Act for educational institutions that allows copies of copyrighted material to be made and used for educational purposes (without the permission of the copyright owner). It is possible that S200AB may allow the copying of video content from YouTube (for example) however the copying and the use of the material must satisfy a number of criteria. Under S200AB copies should only be made available to staff and students of the institution – something which is possible using MS Stream.

Can teachers publish student videos to Stream?

Video content created by students as part of classwork can be published to Stream under a teacher's account with students' consent.

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