Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform accessible to both staff and students. It connects people in various locations to share meetings and classes to extend learning beyond the classroom and conventional training environments. Adobe Connect provides online collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

How to access

You need:

  • an internet-connected web browser with Adobe Flash Player (version 10.1 or higher)
  • speakers or headphones to listen and a microphone if you want to speak and are set up by the organiser.

Getting started

Test your computer

Conduct an Adobe online test to assess your computer's readiness to participate in a meeting.

Join a meeting

Click on the URL / link which was provided in the invitation to join the meeting.

Creating your first meeting room (available to DoE staff)

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your userID with @detnsw appended and your DoE password
  3. Select Create New: Meeting
  4. Type your name in the Name box
  5. In the Custom URL box, type your DoE userID without any dots – eg. If your userID is maria.k.smith, enter mariaksmith
  6. Leave all other fields as is and click Next, then Next again
  7. Choose Do not send invitations and click Finish
  8. To invite people (DoE and non-DoE) to your meeting you’ll need to send your meeting room URL with the date and time of your meeting.

Recording meetings

To start recording click the Meeting menu and then Record meeting and follow the prompts.

Except the Presenter Only area, everything in the room is recorded. Start, pause and stop recording at any time. A host can make the recordings available and e-mail the URL / link to participants.

Retention policy - recordings not accessed in a 2 year period will be permanently deleted. To safeguard against deletion, meeting hosts can download recorded meetings.

Learn more about how to Record and play back Adobe Connect meetings .

Having problems?

If you’re encountering any problems please use the online form to request support.

User guides

Quickstart Guide for Participants Will help participants accessing Adobe Connect meetings. It covers joining a meeting, using audio, chat, and webcam. Troubleshooting tips are included

Quickstart Guide for Meeting Hosts Is an excellent reference for Adobe Connect hosts who want to ensure a smooth meeting experience

Adobe support offers a comprehensive range or tutorials and support resources including Adobe TV.

Adobe Connect user Community is a source of resources, expertise and discussions.

Roles and permissions while conducting a meeting.

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