Incident Management Incident Definition

Incident type



An unplanned interruption to a Service or a reduction in the quality of a Service. Failure of a Configuration Item (a configuration item is anything that needs to be managed in order to deliver a service) that has not yet impacted a Service is also an Incident.

For example, ?Failure of one disk from a mirror set? or ?an EFTPOS system being offline?.

Major Incident

A Major Incident may relate to a ?Critical? service as agreed with the business, or any non-critical service causing extensive or widespread disruption to services, this may include an incident that has the potential to impact services, but hasn?t yet.

Security Incident

A Security Incident can be defined as a compromise of the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an information resource or asset e.g. Application, system, data.

For example, ?Thousands of records of personal information have been sent out to unknown email addresses that haven?t been authorised? or a system is requesting users to install a piece of software that it should never have asked the users to install.

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