Roles and responsibilities

Role Key responsibilities
Service owner
  • Responsible for ensuring availability in order to meet business requirements.
  • Work collaboratively to define the Service and manage and deliver according to endorsed service expectations.
Business owner
  • Represents the user community in the use of the service.
  • Defines policy and business processes for the service.
  • Decision maker on the priority of enhancements and changes.
Building block owner
  • Responsible for the endorsed underpinning building blocks of process, applications and infrastructure.
Major incident manager
  • Declare Major Incident and manage recovery teams to MIM resolution
Recovery tester
  • Follow the recovery test script and recovery plan and follow standard recovery procedures.
  • Participate in and manage all stages of the recovery test management procedures.
  • Identify and manage risks within the infrastructure environment for which they have direct responsibility.
  • During testing, record any difficulties including procedural activities that are not recorded or linked, time targets not met and recovery failures.
  • Produce the test management outputs and deliverables to the correct level of quality as per endorsed procedures, such as, the post recovery test report.
  • Understand the test process from all levels.
  • Be familiar with the recovery plan being tested.
  • Ensure the test environment is correctly prepared and available as per endorsed procedures.
  • Coordinate the production and execution of the test script.
  • Conduct a pre-test and briefing (except walk-through test), and post-test debriefing.
Recovery team(s)
  • A recovery team is a virtual team which exists for the duration of the recovery process. They follow the endorsed recovery procedures. The recovery management team includes:
    • The Major Incident Manager.
    • Leads of the relevant recovery teams.
Disaster recovery group
  • Responsible for overall governance and management of the process.
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