Risk information

The following risks will be tracked to contain any impacts to the process:

Risk Cause Containment action
Inaccurate or stale information in documentation
  • Lack of updates to documents
  • Failure to follow change management process
  • Annual review and update by document owners
  • Conduct annual testing by document owners
High effort in maintaining information in documentation
  • Frequent changes to systems (changes, patches, updates)
  • Annual review and update by document owners if no major changes
  • Update document when there is any major changes
Failure to identify key recovery scenarios
  • Inadequate understanding of potential failure scenarios
  • Documents to be reviewed by stakeholders at least 12 monthly
Failure to comply with testing schedule
  • Competing interests
  • Schedule testing well in advance and provide adequate notice
  • Commit adequate resources
Lack of engagement of stakeholders
  • Uncertainty / unwillingness to participate
  • Mandate from Leadership Team
  • Clearly communicate responsibilities
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