Continual service improvement

The purpose of this document is to outline, at a high level, the process together with the roles and responsibilities to execute, manage and govern the department's ITD Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Process. This document describes the overall positioning, break down and resources needed to complete the Continual Service Improvement Process.

The goal is to provide a level of standardisation and control that is critical for reasons related to customer experience, regulatory and standards issues, efficiency/effectiveness, monitoring and reporting of the process.

The intended audience are those stakeholders throughout the department that have a role to play in this process either directly or indirectly as dependent stakeholders. As well as those stakeholders who are interested in the process for execution and governance reasons.

This document is created to provide a framework that underpins the execution and governance of this process. It is the definitive reference material for this process.

The ITD CSI process is a service management process which interfaces with all other service management processes and day-to-day activities across ITD. The ITD CSI Process ultimately seeks to capture improvement opportunities from any source and facilitate them to be considered and acted upon, in order to deliver value to ITD and its customers.

The core purpose of the ITD CSI Process is:

  • To promote innovative ideas to be raised by any member of the ITD team, by acknowledging and leveraging the fact that the best improvement ideas can come from anyone at any time, as a result of any activity.
  • To ensure a standard means of capturing innovative ideas and improvement opportunities, to reduce the risk of “missed opportunities”, which are opportunities that are either; not identified, or identified but forgotten about over time.
  • To ensure innovative ideas and improvement opportunities can be considered and acted upon by the right people in the organisation.

Improvement opportunities are the inputs to the ITD CSI Process and such improvement opportunities are captured within a database known as the ITD CSI Register. Below are examples of some of the different sources of improvement opportunities:

  • staff suggestions (aka bright Ideas)
  • customer feedback
  • problem closure reports
  • process maturity assessments
  • service reviews
  • audit findings.

  • The Bright Ideas Review Group (BIRG) is a function of the ITD CSI Process.
  • This BIRG consists of staff from across each branch of the ITD who meet regularly to review improvement opportunities.
  • The BIRG performs a peer review and recommendations function, whereby it draws on the collective organisational knowledge and experience of it’s members to review improvement opportunities.
  • The BIRG follows a standardised review process and as a result of the process will flag each improvement opportunity as either “Endorsed” or “Not Endorsed” and will also provide recommendations to be considered by the CSI Review Board.
  • Improvement opportunities that are endorsed by the BIRG will be passed to the CSI Review Board (ITD Leadership Team) to seek their approval to be planned and delivered.
  • Improvement opportunities that are not endorsed by the BIRG will not be progressed further by the ITD CSI Process, and the suggester will be informed accordingly.

  • The Continual Service Improvement review voard is a function of the ITD Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process
  • The members of this board are the members of the ITD Leadership Team
  • The CSI review board meets quarterly
  • The CSI review board exists to:
    • consider improvement opportunities that have been peer endorsed and which are seeking approval to be progressed
    • consider any comments or recommendations noted by the (BIRG)
    • define the next steps for each improvement opportunity
    • allocate a sponsor who will oversee these next steps
    • provide approval for the identified next steps to be taken.

Print version for Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Process (PDF, 259KB).

For further information and to access the ITD CSI Regsiter please visit Continual Service Improvement Community of Practice. Please note this site has a restricted audience.

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