Change process overview

This section contains a quick reference guide to the key compliance areas of the change management process. In the first instance Standard breaches will be reported to the Director.

  1. Draft Change Request Creation
  2. Request for Authorisation Status (RFA)
  3. Planning in Progress includes Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis, Planning and Scheduling of change request to be completed.
  4. Schedule for Review Status (SFR)
  5. Schedule for Approval Status (SFA)
  6. If a change is assessed as SIGNIFICANT or MAJOR impact, then refer to CAB for final approval.
  7. CAB Approval to proceed
  8. Scheduled to Proceed Status
  9. Implementation in Progress
  10. Completed (Final Review Required)
  11. Close Change Record
  12. Completed (Final Review Completed)
  13. Closed
Change process overview
Image: Change process overview
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