I need to Form name
Set up or amend a relieving principal's access Please view the new relieving principal procedure using AMU
Amend user details - extend, reinstate and/or change details DOIS - Extending, reinstate DoE network access and/or change details (PDF 100KB)
Set up a new network account for school guest (non-employee) e.g. school based contractors, guest lecturers, canteen/uniform shop/school banking assistants, P&C Executive DOIS - Network guest account request for schools (PDF 567KB)
Set up a new network account for non-school guest eg contractors, secondments and external auditing users DOIS - Network guest account request for non-school user (PDF 559KB)
Set up or reinstate a network access account for Teacher Education Students on placement in NSW schools DOIS – Guest access for Teacher Education Students (PDF 96KB)
Request access to a secure corporate shared drive for permanent and temporary DoE non-school user Shared drive access request for non-school user (PDF 5.MB)
Set up or amend a remote access account
Set up or amend video conferencing
  1. New videoconference endpoint (PDF 146KB)
  2. Relocate a videoconference endpoint (PDF 126KB)
  3. Replace a videoconference endpoint (PDF 164KB)
  4. Register a full IC videoconference installation, including VoIP handset (PDF 127KB)
  5. Decommission a videoconference endpoint (PDF 147KB)
Set up or amend or password resets for DOIS administration, data warehouse, Lattice-unix account, schools USI enquiry, syllabus plus and TRIM Non-school account application
Set up Remedy application Remedy account application
Reset password, amend, printer setup and change for iSeries application.
Refer to this iSeries online form quick reference guide (PDF 416KB),
iSeries security request
Request a new IT service New project request form
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