Recording a connected classroom VC

You can record a VC using either a point-to-point connection or a VMR. When you are ready to start the recording the site that initiated/organised the VC needs to:

  1. Tell the other sites in the VC that you will dropout then dial back in to commence the recording (to avoid all the pre conference audio recorded)
  2. Hang up the VC
  3. Dial back into the VMR by prefacing the VMR number with 99 – eg 99600091607
  4. Once the room, the session is recording automatically. Ensure only ONE attendee uses the 99 prefix.
  5. To end recording, the organiser must hang up.

To access the recorded VC:

  1. Browse to
  2. Sign in as guest with no password
  3. Select 'Recordings' at the top of the screen
  4. Select the recording from the list by clicking 'Watch' next to the Site name_date
  5. The default Media option works well but can be changed from the drop down list
  6. Select 'Start streaming'
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