Password management and password reset

Your DoE password will enable you to access the staff portal and all single sign-on enabled applications such as staff email.

Managing your password

  • Set up your password using the Password Management: Password Privacy Advice;
  • Make sure you set-up and use the 'Secret Question and Answer' facility to reset your DoE user ID password if you have forgotten your current one or if it has expired; you will not be able to reset your forgotten password without having your secret questions set up;
  • Your DoE user ID password expires every 60 days and requires resetting;
  • You will be notified via the staff portal and email when your password is approaching expiry;
  • Reset your password using your staff portal facility before expiry;
  • Reset your password before taking leave, particularly during the Christmas break to ensure you retain access when returning to work;
  • Update your new password on all devices you use to access the portal, e.g. iPads, smartphones.

Password reset and forgotten password

If you forgot your password or your password has already expired, you can reset it using the ‘Forgot password’ function at the log in page.

To reset your forgotten password, you need to have your secret questions set up and to answer them correctly.

Principals can reset staff passwords and user IDs, view SAP employee IDs and remove staff in Staff Management Utility (SMU).

Student passwords can be reset using Educational Management Utility (EMU).

If you are unable to reset your forgotten or expired password, contact EDConnect to assist you with your request.

You can log an online query anytime, and EDConnect will respond during business hours, or you can call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

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