How to set up a Chromebook

Configure and use Chromebooks

Information Technology Directorate delivers a simple, self-service Chromebook setup and enrolment process that provides a more streamlined user experience for all school-owned Chromebooks. When enrolled into the department's Google domain, users of DoE-managed Chromebooks will see significant improvements to an unmanaged experience. The benefits include:

  • A quick, self-service 10-minute Chromebook setup process out of the box
  • The standard DoE portal sign on screen for logging on when the device is first started
  • Seamless access to users of the department's G Suite services
  • Easily share your Chromebooks with multiple students/staff
  • A prominent Sign Out button at the bottom right for fast user switching

New Chromebook Enrolment instructions and FAQ advice are now available. Enrol your DoE-owned Chromebooks today!

Getting help for Chromebooks

Enrolling Chromebooks into the DoE Google domain is a self-service process completed by following the guide linked above. If you have difficulties following this guide, your local schools ICT support team may be able to assist by clarifying the instructions and answering your questions.

There is also an active Chromebooks support group on the department's Yammer service where questions can be asked or previous discussions can be searched and read.

Getting Hardware Warranty support

If your school has purchased Chromebooks via the DoE Catalogue and our contracted providers, they are covered by a two-year hardware warranty. If you encounter a hardware failure and have completed basic troubleshooting to confirm that the problem is not something simple like a flat battery and wipe/re-enrol is not possible, you will need to log a call with EDConnect.  Pass on all details of brand/model and serial number as well as details of the hardware issue and what you've tried to resolve it.  EDConnect will then manage the warranty claim with the vendor on the school's behalf.

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