Fax - send a fax via email

Faxination allows all staff to send a fax from their inbox to any fax machine in Australia. The process is similar to sending an email message.

  • Your email forms the coversheet.
  • You can attach files to the email, including scanned PDFs and Word documents.
  • For each fax you will receive a notification email indicating success or failure of your message transmission

Sending a fax

  • Open a new email message in Microsoft Outlook or Staff Email
  • In the To: field enter the recipients Fax number in the format RecipientFaxnumber@fax.det.nsw.edu.au
  • You can fax to multiple recipients, separate names with semicolons ‘;’
  • Attach any files required
  • Keep your email signature box
  • Send as per a normal email
  • You will receive an email notificating you of success or failure of transmission(usually within 30 minutes). The service will retry sending the fax up to three times if necessary.
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