Apple iPad proxy settings

Manually configuring the proxy address setting in the Wi-Fi settings screen to on Port 8080 to connect Apple iPad and other iOS devices to the internet, will not provide the optimal gateway.

Use the school’s allocated PAC file to provide automatic proxy configuration more appropriately directs browser and app requests, especially to local services that your school may offer.

The server in eT4L schools delivers the school’s PAC file automatically to iOS devices running iOS 6 or later.

In non eT4L schools, the DER DIP Server delivers the PAC file the same way. Once the new setting is applied, the iPad will automatically detect the school’s PAC file for the DETNSW Wi-Fi service and apply it for use by the browser and other apps that need internet access.

Manually setting PAC file

If your school does not use Apple Configurator to manage all iPads, you will need to adjust the settings on each iPad to automatically obtain the school’s PAC file.

This process is the same for any BYOD iOS devices and it is recommended that students and staff alter their settings accordingly on their BYODs to remove reference to the manual proxy setting.

Set HTTP Proxy to 'Auto' and leave the URL field blank.

Screenshot showing how to select auto for the http proxy

Using Apple Configurator to deploy the PAC file

To manage a fleet of iPads using Apple Configurator, update the WiFi payload settings to the following:

  • SSID - set to connect to 'detnsw'
  • Uncheck 'Hidden Network'
  • Check 'Auto Join'
  • Proxy Setup - select 'automatic'
  • Proxy server url - leave blank
  • Check 'Allow direct connection if PAC is unreachable'
  • Security type - select 'WPA/WPA2 Enterprise'
  • Under 'Enterprise Settings' highlight 'Protocols'
  • Check 'PEAP'
  • Username - enter your custom srvXXXXwifi@detnsw (insert your school code for XXXX)
  • Enter the password for this username

proxy settings to use the schools PAC file rather than manual proxy server address

Once set, a sync of your iPads should adjust the proxy setting automatically to utilise the school’s PAC file rather than the DEC manual proxy server address.

The implementation of Apple iPads in schools is a local initiative and their use is self-supported.

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