Infrastructure services

The Infrastructure services branch runs parallel streams of work across six towers. Learn more about their key initiatives.

Cristina Juarez is the Executive Director responsible for leading the Infrastructure services branch of ITD. A seventh tower 'Office of Infrastructure Services' provides operational support to the branch assisting the delivery of the portfolio.

Area Manager
Office of Infrastructure Brett Kyle
0422 755 804

Infrastructure services is responsible for the delivery and management of the department's information and communication technology. Ranked as the largest and most comprehensive in Australia, the environment consists of public and private cloud as well as traditional on-premise technologies. These are the six areas of work.

The six towers of Infrastructure services

Area Director
Databases & ERP

Databases | ERP (SAP Basis & iSeries)

Felipe Duncan
0472 875 665

Directories, Desktop and Collaboration
Desktop | Directories | Collaboration

Tracey Southern
0467 789 857

Infrastructure Application Platforms
Citrix services | Middleware | Platform monitoring

Karima Banat
0457 504 431

Infrastructure Platforms
Data centre | Linux and AIX | Virtualisation | Storage | Windows

Raoul Fleming

Network Services
Network engineering | Network implementation | Network operations
Solution Design & Engineering

Joshua Roberts
0412 019 985

Key initiatives

Connect.T4L's key objective is to enhance learning and teaching experiences across all NSW public schools through technologies by connecting users to digital contents. The program is one of the key enablers for the Telecommunication Strategic Plan 2017-2020 to deliver network bandwidth of 1Mbps per student by end of 2020.

Starting with the Secured Internet Edge project (at the end of phase 3, the solution is deployed to 743 largest schools with over 550,000 students in total), Infrastructure Services is able to realise a huge amount of network bandwidth uplift driven by Network Services when compared to just 2 years ago.

Freeman Wong (Program Manager)
Yasmin Narielvala (Director – Network Services)

Email upgrade project’s key objective is to migrate staff mailboxes to O365 to allow for the integration with other O365 services.

Increased mailbox sizes, streamlined logon process for desktop, email and Skype for Business.

Anna Grover (Project Manager)
Tracey Southern (Director – Directories, Desktop & Collaboration)

The Cirrus Hybrid Cloud will deliver access to public and private cloud services and improve customer engagement and experience while transforming IS into an agile organisation.

Delivery of 75% of existing workload by Jan 2020, improved customer experience and reduced turnaround times.

Jason Saunders (Program Manager)
Josh Roberts (Director – Solution Design & Engineering)

Telemetry is focused on building observability platforms that provide a single source of truth for availability and performance data of schools and corporate services. Being the enabler for service delivery to provide meaningful insight into service level agreements and objectives whilst also providing operational insight into the health of critical business services and applications.

Platform Monitoring seeks to provide industry-recognised tooling and capabilities to the Information Technology Directorate to address the current issues in mean time to repair, mean time between failures and incident triage in the various siloed monitoring systems currently in use.

  • Onboarding of critical business services - completed Dec 2019. 
  • Streaming platform BAU readiness is in progress.
  • Elastic Search deployment to schools commenced.
  • Metric collection agents deployment to all schools T4L servers is in progress.

Karima Banat (Director – Infrastructure Applications Platforms)


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