Stage 6

Stage 6 syllabus implementation

The department provides support for syllabus implementation in all key learning areas. Join our curriculum specialists in a statewide staffroom set up in Microsoft Teams for expert advice, resources and professional learning.

Information about syllabus content can be found on the NESA website at Syllabuses A-Z (Stage 6).

HSC monitoring

2022 HSC monitoring advice

The following memorandum and attachment provide guidance for schools when developing monitoring procedures to ensure Year 11 and Year 12 courses and student patterns of study comply with NESA and department requirements for the HSC.

This slide show assists in explaining the 2022 HSC monitoring advice.

These documents were emailed to Principals on 12 November 2021. Please review school processes to ensure they comply with the 2022 HSC monitoring advice.

For the 2022 HSC, go via the staff portal to access School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO). Select the 'Curriculum and Policy' tab:

  • for the principal confirmation and Director, Educational Leadership endorsement of the HSC monitoring declaration (Appendix 2)
  • to input the HSC teacher support data collection for inexperienced or unsupervised teachers.

A Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for each function is available from the SPaRO home screen and can also be downloaded here:

Further information

If you would like assistance with HSC or RoSA monitoring requirements, contact:

Stage 6 Advisor
Kate Thompson
0467 962 300

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