Stage 1 -measurement – volume

Students need experience in filling containers both with continuous material (e.g. water) and with discrete objects (for example,  marbles). The use of continuous material leads to measurement using the unit’s litre and millilitre in later stages. The use of blocks leads to measurement using the units’ cubic metre and cubic centimetre.


Students can:

  • count the number of informal units in a prism
  • visualise the hidden units in a pictorial display

Activities to support the strategy

Activity 1

Using concrete materials (blocks), students build three-dimensional structures

Ask students

  • How many blocks were used to produce these objects?
  • How many blocks are missing from diagram B?

View/print 3D structures (PDF 664.25KB)

Ask students to state the number of cubes that cannot be seen in each stack.


Australian curriculum

ACMMG037: Compare and order several objects based on volume and capacity using appropriate uniform informal units

NSW syllabus

MA1-11MG: Measures, records, compares and estimates volumes and capacities using uniform informal units

Teacher resources

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