Logical organisation of information using paragraphs to group like ideas and separate longer texts into appropriate segments.

Stage 4 paragraphing includes the following topics:

  • Providing text structure
    Paragraphs give structure to a piece of writing and organising information to suit the type of text and its purpose. Effective use of paragraphs assists the reader to navigate through the text and tell them when it has moved onto a new point. In formal writing using the first sentence in a paragraph (the topic sentence) to align your ideas and structure is essential for conveying clear meaning in your writing.
  • Internal structure paragraphs
    This refers to the layout of each paragraph and will vary slightly depending on the type of text and its purpose. Paragraphs are to focus on just one idea or concept and this is to be made clear to the reader, most commonly through a topic sentence. With paragraphs impacting on the structure of the entire text, their internal structure can have a huge impact on cohesion.
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