Literacy overview

The aim of English in Years K–10 is to enable students to understand and use language effectively, appreciate, reflect on and enjoy the English language and to make meaning in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive, critical and powerful.

NAPLAN tests help identify students' literacy skills and trends within schools, grades and cohorts. Students are assessed using common national tests in Reading, Writing and Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation). Teachers use NAPLAN results as part of a suite of assessment opportunities to build up a summary of student achievement aiding in identification of students who may require greater challenges or additional support.

The resources contained in the web-links/ hyperlinks and apps are to be used after evaluation by the teacher. The resources in the SMART Teaching Strategies are research based and reflect current directions such as:

  • the quality teaching model
  • the modelled, guided and independent teaching cycle
  • the NSW English syllabus for the Australian curriculum K–10: outcomes and objectives
  • critical aspects of literacy development K–10 continuum.

Quality teaching model

Teachers are using the quality teaching model as a way of delivering the curriculum to improve student achievement. Quality teaching has helped focus teachers’ attention on how they teach as much as on what they teach.

Modelled, guided and independent teaching and learning cycle

This model for explicit teaching is a recursive process which builds students knowledge in quality learning environments.

Teachers use literacy teaching strategies to introduce new knowledge, practise new literacy learning, consolidate literacy learning, and transfer and apply literacy learning. The purposes of modelled teaching, guided teaching and independent teaching are to:

  • meet individual literacy learning needs
  • move student literacy learning from dependent to independent
  • support and extend student literacy learning.
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