Stage 1 Cohesion

Students need to learn to connect ideas in logical ways as they read and create texts. Connecting ideas builds text comprehension and supports students to display precise factual knowledge, develop their ideas to persuade more convincingly and express more complex relationships in their speech and writing.

Conjunctions and connectives are cohesive devices that work to improve texts. Conjunctions connect meaning within sentences and connectives relate meaning between sentences. Different types of conjunctions are used to express different types of relationships between ideas.

Activity 1: sentences can grow!

Explain to students how conjunctions link ideas in sentences. Using a text made up of two simple sentences,


'Julie bought 3 pencils. She lost 2 of them'. or 'Paul has a football. He threw it across the yard'.

Turn these into compound sentences using some simple conjunctions such as but and and. Highlight the conjunctions.

Use examples of student writing to change simple sentences into compound sentences using and or but.

Give students a copy of a text and allow them time to read the sentences, experimenting with different conjunctions

Explain to students how the conjunctions link ideas between the clauses in the sentences. Highlight the conjunctions


'Thunder used to yell at him to stop causing so much destruction, but the careless ram didn't listen to her rumblings and the damage was often great.

Game activity to follow

Divide students into two teams. One student from each team comes to the board and writes one clause each. Each team then take turns writing a conjunction to link the two clauses without repeating the conjunction. The team who uses the most connectives to generate new sentences that make sense wins the game.

Activity 2: conjunction posters

Use the conjunction posters (PDF 818.57KB) resource to teach students about using conjunctions for a purpose.


Australian curriculum

ACELA1467: Understand that simple connections can be made between ideas by using a compound sentence with two or more clauses usually linked by a coordinating conjunction.

NSW syllabus

EN1-RECOM-01: comprehends independently read texts that require sustained reading by activating background and word knowledge, connecting and understanding sentences and whole text, and monitoring for meaning.

EN1-CWT-01: plans, creates and revises texts written for different purposes, including paragraphs, using knowledge of vocabulary, text features and sentence structure.

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