DoE Extranet access

Principals or delegated officers from non-Government schools provide and maintain staff access to Department of Education's extranet portal.

Non-government school user accounts


  • provide provisioning rights to a nominated person through the AMU.
  • set the date for 12 months when adding new staff or extending expiry dates of existing staff.


  • log in to the Department of Education extranet portal through your user account and access the relevant icon.

Instructions to renew/reactivate your DoE Extranet account

When your Department of Education account is due to expire in 7 days, you will receive an email from Do not reply to this email.

As soon as you receive this email please contact your relevant support team to renew your account.

Role Who to contact

Please contact your relevant support team:

Teachers (non-Principal) Contact your school Principal (or their delegate) for account renewal, reactivation or password reset using SMU application
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