Student reports

NAPLAN Online will deliver more detailed information about each student's performance. Due to the adaptive nature of tailored tests, students can better demonstrate what they know, rather than what they don't know.

Schools will access a new student and school summary report (SSSR). This provides detailed feedback on how students and cohorts of students within a school perform in NAPLAN Online and will be available within weeks of the close of the test window.

With NAPLAN Online, parents and carers will continue to receive individual student reports (ISR).

Faster turnaround of reporting

NAPLAN Online will deliver faster results to schools, students and their parents and carers. Schools will access the SSSRs within weeks of the end of the test window.

In 2018, ISRs will be sent to parents and carers within 12 weeks of the end of NAPLAN testing, regardless of whether a student participated in online or pencil and paper testing. Once all schools have moved to NAPLAN Online, ISRs will be sent to parents and carers within weeks of the NAPLAN Online test window.

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