Readiness activities 2017

Technical readiness

In 2017, a technical readiness checklist was sent to NSW principals to help schools assess their technical preparedness for online testing. In response to this, significant investments were made in network infrastructure and bandwidth speed to allow schools to be technically ready to deliver NAPLAN Online.

School readiness test

The school readiness test was held in August - September 2017. It was a practice run to assess schools’ preparedness to transition to NAPLAN Online.

Training to support the school readiness test was held across the state in June and August. Over 3,500 department staff participated in face-to-face training sessions.

Feedback from participating schools and students was collected through school surveys and the test platform. This data was collated and informed the NSW 2018 transition approach.

Platform readiness test

The platform readiness test took place 23 October – 1 November 2017. This was an end-to-end test to ensure the readiness of the NAPLAN Online platform and its full functionality, including the generation of example reports. Around ten schools in each state and territory participated in the test.

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