NSW transition approach

Commonwealth, state and territory education ministers have agreed that NAPLAN tests will move from pencil and paper to online testing from 2018, with full participation by all Australian schools by 2020.

The majority of schools in NSW participated in activities in 2017 that helped assess their readiness to transition to NAPLAN Online. All three NSW education sectors - the NSW Department of Education, Association of Independent Schools NSW and Catholic Schools NSW - and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) have been working together in preparing schools.

In December 2017, the NSW Minister for Education decided upon the NSW transition approach for NAPLAN Online, which will see around 500 NSW schools from all education sectors participate in NAPLAN Online in 2018.

Schools that are not moving to NAPLAN Online this year will sit the pencil and paper NAPLAN test and will continue to be supported by sector representatives and NESA in preparation to transition by 2020.

Schools that participate in NAPLAN Online in 2018 will be offered training during February and March, and will participate in a practice test between 20-22 March.

NAPLAN Online tests will take place during the nine-day window between 15-25 May. Further information on the NAPLAN Online test window is available on the NAP website.

NAPLAN Online 2018 NSW transition approach – cross-sector letter (PDF 267.42 KB)

2018 NSW transition timeline

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