NSW transition approach

Commonwealth, state and territory education ministers are committed to moving the annual NAPLAN tests from paper to online testing, with full participation by all Australian schools by 2020.

In 2018, 1285 schools across Australia moved from pencil and paper NAPLAN tests to NAPLAN Online. In NSW, 544 schools successfully transitioned to NAPLAN Online. The success of this first year demonstrates the commitment and preparation of all participating schools.

The same preparation approach that led to a successful transition for schools in 2018 is being adopted for schools intending to transition to NAPLAN Online in 2019. Preparation activities for NSW schools include training, participation in a school readiness test during Term 3 2018, and a practice test in late March/early April 2019.

All schools that are ready to move online in 2019 will be supported to do so. NESA will provide more information about preparation activities to all schools.

Schools that are not intending to transition to NAPLAN Online in 2019 will sit the paper NAPLAN test, and will continue to be supported by sector representatives and NESA in preparation to transition by 2020.

NAPLAN Online 2019 NSW transition approach- cross sector letter (PDF 61.83KB)

2019 NSW transition timeline

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