Training to support schools participating in NAPLAN Online in 2020 includes:

  • Face-to-face training sessions
  • Adobe Connect training sessions
  • Disability adjustments Adobe Connect sessions
  • eLearning modules

The type of training required depends on the particular role that individual staff will be carrying out in NAPLAN Online. All staff are encouraged to access the eLearning modules.

For principals

Principals should complete either or both of the following NAPLAN Online training options:

  • Overview and principal's role (Adobe Connect - 45 minutes)
  • Introduction to NAPLAN Online (eLearning module - 45 minutes) - Available in MyPL from Term 1, 2020

Principals who are also their school's NAPLAN coordinator should attend the required training for NAPLAN coordinators.

For NAPLAN Online coordinators and Test administrators

Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training commences in Term 1, 2020 in various locations across NSW. Staff administering NAPLAN Online who have not previously completed face-to-face training should attend. Staff should also complete the eLearning module 'NAPLAN Online Introduction' prior to attending face-to-face training (available from Term 1, 2020).

A list of training dates and locations will be available from Term 1, 2020.

Adobe Connect

Staff who have previously attended NAPLAN Online face-to-face training are encouraged to undertake refresher training by the Adobe Connect modules.

There are three different Adobe Connect modules and participation in each depends on the NAPLAN Online role.

Table 1: Adobe Connect module by role


NAPLAN coordinators

Test administrators

Module 1 - Overview and principal's role (60 mins)




Module 2 - NAPLAN coordinator's role (75 mins)




Module 3 - Test administrator's role (60 mins)




Disability adjustment training

Adobe Connect live training sessions are available to help understand disability adjustments in NAPLAN Online. The sessions provide an overview of disability adjustment codes, features and functionality and a question and answer opportunity for participants.

A list of Adobe Connect training dates will be available from Term 1, 2020.

eLearning refresher

There are two eLearning modules that provide refresher training that can be completed at a time suitable to all staff members. Please refer to the following table for the option suitable for your NAPLAN Online role.

NAPLAN coordinators and test administrators should complete both eLearning modules (Available in MyPL from Term 1, 2020).

Table 2: eLearning by role




Module 1 - Introduction to NAPLAN Online (45 mins)




Module 2 - Preparing and delivering (45 mins)





Please contact the NAPLAN Online transition team with any training questions on or 1300 790 844.

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