Current updates

Posted 4 August 2020

Registered School Test Administrator access to Teams

School Test Administrators for VALID 6 and 10 have now been added to the School Test Administrators Team. They should have also received an email containing all the important links. If you have not received this email please contact the VALID team.

Posted 4 August 2020

ACER are recruiting markers for VALID 8

ACER are currently recruiting markers for the corporate marking of 2020 VALID 8 extended responses. Information available from ACER.

Posted 15 June 2020

VALID 6, 8 & 10 PL dates now available.

A large number of events are available to support administration, marking and analysis of data for VALID. Information, dates and registration links are available from our Professional learning page. For further information contact the VALID team.

Posted 24 June 2020

Online VALID extended response quizzes

VALID extended response tasks and the marking manuals are now available as online quizzes from our Assessment resource page. For further information contact the VALID team.

Posted 12 June 2020

2020 VALID Science and Technology 6, VALID Science 8 and VALID Science 10

All three VALID tests will go ahead in 2020. The key dates have not changed. Registrations are currently open and will close 3 August 2020.

Updated 22 May 2020, posted 2 April 2020

Online VALID quick quizzes

VALID item sets are now available as online quizzes from our Assessment resources page. For further information, contact the VALID team.

Updated 11 May 2020, posted 3 March 2020

Analysing VALID data in Scout, Adobe Connect session

This PL has been postponed. Please continue to check here for updates on upcoming delivery dates.

Registrations are now open for this introduction to developing a summary of school performance in VALID.

Posted 26 Februaury 2020

2020 VALID registrations are now open.

Please nominate two teachers as School Test Administrators (STAs). The email addresses for both STAs and the principal are required on registration. We will send an email confirming your details within two weeks of your registration.

Further information can be found in SchoolBiz.

Registrations close 3 August 2020.

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