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Consultation process

The VALID program is stimulating discussion within the national and statewide science education community about the nature and requirements of the science key learning area and the design of appropriate and informative assessment tools for school science.

Consultation is a two way process in which the VALID team, interest groups and other areas of the NSW Department of Education exchange information in Stages 3, 4 and 5.

'It [VALID] is really working at the cutting edge of what we should be emphasising in science education if we are to reverse the current situation where, across the developed world, fewer able students are taking further studies in science and most are not at all impressed by the traditional science in schools. There is a real opportunity in NSW of combining the ideas of PISA with the SOLO approach, and I hope it will be grasped.'
Emeritus Professor Peter Fensham

Academic consultation

The VALID team participates in relevant statewide and national forums and conferences and consults with academic partners including:

  • Associate Professor Debra Panizzon, Monash University, Victoria
  • Professor John Pegg, University of New England, NSW.

Statewide consultation

VALID consults with interest groups that include representation for:

  • government school education
  • non-government school education
  • students, parents and the community
  • tertiary education
  • teachers and educational managers
  • pedagogy, curriculum and assessment specialists.

The VALID team consults widely within the NSW Department of Education to ensure the program is accessible and relevant for a broad range of Year 6, 8 and 10 students. Consultation includes:

  • NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)
  • regional officers, such as consultants and professional development officers
  • school officers, including classroom teachers, who provide detailed feedback during workshops.

The VALID team values the continuing support and involvement of these groups in the program.

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