Video transcript –The Creation Station – Our Journey To Educational Innovation

The idea of our creation station came from our deep desire to make sure our students at Lansvale Public School were enriched in really meaningful, creative, hard, fun learning opportunities on a daily basis. Teachers at Lansvale use the creation station for all key learning areas, whether it be in Geography, where they're taking their students on a journey around the world, History where they're going back in time or predicting what may happen in the future, Mathematics, where we're able to work cooperatively on the writeable walls, and of course writing. In English, we're able to publish our writing samples at the end of the cycle through the green screen capacity so really create something that's driven by the students and completely student-focused.

Our aim was to ensure that our teachers had really creative, really hands-on opportunities for their students and for themselves on a daily basis within their learning routines.

What a terrible day on 3E. I wonder what's on TV.

(Singing and dancing)

What is going on? Am I going absolutely mental? Hi, I think there's something wrong with my TV. I keep seeing students in my class in it. Ugh, clearly, I am just too tired. I'm going to bed.

Student 1:
The green screen, it takes green furniture and green things and it puts it and it blends it into the background that you choose. We chose these big pillow cushions, they were green just like the green screen and, in reality, we just placed it in a formation of stairs and we just walked up green cushions, but in the camera, it looked like we were actually walking up real cobblestone stairs.

Student 2:
We use the creation station to enhance our learning by being creative and trying to imagine what we're gonna do. Very different to normal learning because you actually get to have fun in it. We can expand our creativity with the green screen, and make our ideas come to life.

Student group:
We're from 34L, we love you.

Student 3:

I like about the creation station because it gives you entertainment and helps your learning get mixed learning much fun. I like to make videos on the green screen and it's so fun making them.

Student 4:
I like the creation station because it helps me with my animating skills. I did trial and error, and today I managed to make my crayons walk.

Student 1:
I am really proud of what we have achieved because together, three of us, Benji, me and Helen, we became better friends and better classmates when we together cooperated well.

Student 5:
Three people in a group is better than two or one because we have more opinions and more ideas.

Our projection for the future of our creation station is to continue to build student and staff capacity in using this room effectively, but also to continue to build on the technology that we have available in this space. The room itself and the meeting room are completed, but something that we are still finalising is the audio room and also our lighting options to ensure that this room can be used to its fullest capacity.

We will also continue to provide teachers with professional learning in using the space effectively so that they feel confident in really getting in here with their students and producing work that's of high quality. We also provide teacher professional learning at least once a term in an afternoon session to really ensure that staff are getting in here, playing around and having fun themselves, and building their confidence in using this learning space.

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