Video transcript – Robotics through Coding

Bert Lo Campo, Principal:
So robotics through coding at Quakers Hill Public School's extremely important part of what we do, it's embedded in the whole of our teaching and learning philosophy. And it's a really important part of what our community expects from this school, what our staff expect, and what our students expect.

The reason robotics coding is so important for us at Quakers Hill, and I think public education and for students across the world is that as we become a smart society, as we become smart homes, smart jobs, the jobs that our kindergarten children have now will be dramatically transformed into the future.

So for us as Quakers Hill it really was about providing our children the capacity to become sequential, logical thinkers, and the best way to do that is through coding, and there's more and more of what we do in the school is about robotics and about coding, more and more of the jobs that will be available to people who need to code to run the smart society that we will have.

Student 1:
We were making lights flash, and we have done that successfully through troubleshooting and fixing our problems, and working as a team and discussing our problems that we had, so fixing wiring and everything.

Student 2:
And we had to problem solve a lot because we had some problems and sometimes if the coding was wrong then we'd have to fix the coding, and if the coding was right then we would have to fix the wiring because sometimes the wiring was wrong.

Wendy Poole, OC teacher:
I am Wendy Poole, I'm the OC classroom teacher, and we work with a whole lot of different technology in our classroom. The children have been working on a number of things, robotics, learning how to code from Scratch. They've been learning to do wiring and all sorts of other programming.

Wendy Poole, OC teacher:
They are using many, many different skills. They have to spend quite some time problem solving and troubleshooting. Many of the issues that come up, we also don't know the answers to, and we ask questions.

Student 3:
The thing I love most about learning robotics at Quakers Hill Public School is that we have so many different types of technology and robotics. We have Spheros, Lego Mindstorms, Arduino boards and much more.

Student 4:
There is no right or wrong to it, and creativity is what helps us strive to our best project. The teachers are very supportive and do not judge about things that we have done, and each project that we have done is a very good one.

Student 5:
Everyone will be judged on the effort they put into their work and how they feel at the end about their project, personally.

Student 6:
At the school we have many different rooms to work in. We even have a room just devoted to machinery and technology. It's very fun here at Quakers Hills Public School and we have different methods of learning.

Wendy Poole, OC teacher:
They talk together to try and solve problems. They do a lot of collaborating, so it's a journey that they will continue on with, but they are learning many 21st century skills that will help them in many ways within the future so that they're the things that we're trying to give them skills with.

End of transcript

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