Video transcript – Parents as Partners

Principal, Michael Strahan:
Welcome to Curran Public School. We're a small primary school in south west Sydney. We're very proud of our future problem solvers who are working in partnership with our community to enhance the options and opportunities for the future for everyone.

Student 1:
Did you know that only one student out of 32 are able to write their name when they come to school?

Student 2:
No students could identify letter names or sounds.

Student 3:
Seven students identified and recognised numbers from one to 10.

Student 4:
Only 20% of children attended pre-school.

Text on screen: Underlying problem identified: Resources in the home

Student 5:
Only nine students had appropriate resources in the home to complete homework.

Emma Stirling, Assistant Principal:
;My name is Emma Stirling and I am the coach of the team. This project is really underpinned by the power of student voice. And it has shown the potential that our children can have to problem solve around issues that are relevant to them and their community, if of course they're given the right tools and the opportunities to dream, design, discover, do, and debrief around data and evidence. Their project has shown the possibilities and impact that an idea can have when it's from the community for the community.

Student 1:
This is some of the items that are inside the box and the first goals that can be used with those items.

Student 2:
Then it just has tips for them to use so that they can accomplish...

Did you guys write those yourselves? Or did the teachers write it?

Student 3:
We looked on the continuum, and so we learned what the continuum was and we learned how to use it, and so we would find something in the package and we would match it up to.

Student narrating:
We now have ninety percent of our students who received packages being able to write their name with at one point last year, 52 parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties involved in making and using the packages.

We've been invited to present our project at the Australian Championships in October.

For the National Finals!

Right now a dozen truly bright school kids from that area are getting ready for a trip of a lifetime thanks to a very clever, crowd funding programme. And it's not just for a holiday or excursion to the snow or something like that. A dozen kids will be taking part in this year's Future Problem Solving International Conference.

Schools Plus representative:
And I’ve had Maya tell me all the wonderful things, that her school, Curran Public School, had been able to do with a grant from Schools Plus.

Our project focuses on building strong community partnerships to support learning in and out of the home.

All speaking:
Together we make a difference!

End of transcript

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