Video transcript – Momentum at Muswellbrook High School

Mrs Elizabeth Bate, Principal, Muswellbrook High School:
Hello, welcome to Muswellbrook High School. My name's Elizabeth Bate and I'm the principal here. Our school is a school of 900 students. Our project is project-based learning. So ProBL, as we've called two classes out of the seven classes in year seven cohort, is innovative not only in the design of the classroom. We've used flexible furniture and gone away with traditional tables and chairs to a large degree. We based our decision on some disengagement and even quiet disengagement of students. We wanted to create and ignite the passion of young people for authentic learning to make sure that they were creative problem solvers and they took forward with them in their life these skills that they learn for future learning.

We have cross-KLA teachers with their interest in different subjects and doing things differently. And we really did have a look at the latest research from CC; what makes an effective learner and what drives good practise.

Muswellbrook High School is a fairly traditional high school and I guess introducing a new flexible way of delivering curriculum to staff was new and different and that took a lot of communicating and explaining. We know from the engagement level of students that they are positive, their attendance rates are high. We know from their parents feedback that they're enjoying the class.

We are currently doing a yearly exam so we will know more about how the learning has progressed in that time. We're going to continue on with two year seven classes for next year and we've actually extended ProBL into year eight and we're hoping in 2019 to extend that to an elective class in year nine as a stem-based project-based class.

Students 1:
I'm here with some of the students from one of the seven ProBL classes, 7V. So the individuality is really something that has made a huge impact.

Student 2:
I like the group work, cause you get to share ideas with different people, see how they react to different problem situation and compare it to your ideas. Then you get to make one final decision to complete the task. And then you get to know them a bit more. And, yeah.

Student 3:
Collaboration and then the solo work was pretty well done because if you didn't always want to go with a group, it's easy just to branch off by yourself but when you're working with other people, it makes not the whole thing have to be done by itself. And the room is just a great spot for everyone to work together equally.

Student 4:
Well, I really like the freedom but also sort of the limitations because I find when you get complete freedom you, sometimes, you get too invested in things and then it ends up just not working so I think having limitations but enough freedom to be able to do a range of things is really useful.

Student 3:
We research skills. We've had to find out how to go through information, cross-reference what we actually need and check if the site is really reliable or if it's just Wikipedia.

Student 5:
It's helped me with time management. So, not leaving projects till the last minute. And, yeah.

Student 1:
So, definitely it's helped me learn some collaboration skills and teamwork skills as well as different things like learning editing software and stuff like that that's helped me along the projects.

Student 2:
The major skill that I've learned is how to be resilient. Cause the projects we're doing, you're not gonna always get it the first time so trial and error is the major part and a skill that I've learned.

Student 4:
I really like; I think it's a really good transition because even though it might not be traditional high school, it's still something very different to other types of schooling and I think that's just really great.

All students:
Bye! Yahoo!

End of transcript

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