Video transcript – Innovative Learning Spaces at Dunoon Public School

Genevieve Slocombe – Principal:
We wanted to setup our indoor and outdoor spaces to make them interesting, welcoming, and inviting. We want people to feel positive about being at Dunoon Public School. We also needed spaces that reflect our contemporary teaching and learning practices. So we want spaces where you can collaborate, areas where you can work in peace and quiet, and places where you can be noisy or messy.

We've had input from children, from staff and parents. The P&C, throughout the last 10 years has been really active with Working Bees, and with funding these projects. With the whole school community working together we've created fantastic indoor spaces in each of the classrooms, the library, the music room. We've now got terrific veggie gardens, a learnscape, a popular sandpit, a native beehive, an insect hotel. Planning is currently underway to improve our outdoor spaces. That will be a major focus for the rest of 2018.

Student 1:
Our school has great learning opportunities everywhere, inside and outside. We can do anything that we want.

Student 2:
I like playing on the playground, and running around on the grass at school

Student 3:
I like playing near the learnscape, and on the playground, and around the beams.

Student 4:
I like playing in the playground because it has lots of activities that you can do on the playground.

Student 5:
Something I do like about Dunoon is the gardens and how they're all created and they have their designs, like, and we all made them together.

Student 6:
Yeah, like the sandpit. It wasn't just the adults working there. Some kids helped with it.

Student 7:
And it's a big space for us to run around and play tips or soccer or run pigeon, any of that stuff.

Student group:
Yeah! Yeah!

Student 8:
And we can also, like, work in teams in class.

Student 9:
At our school, we have a Maker Space. You make things out of wood, paper, pine cones, and sometimes cardboard.

Student 10:
The Dunoon indoor and outdoor learning spaces are designed to help kids work with each other.

Student 11:
The kids are so excited to see what new things are going to come out as the school continues to grow.

Student 12:
Thank you to all the parents, teachers, and students for helping our school.

Student 13:
I like playing at the playground because there's a slide and I can go on the slide from the monkey bars to go to the other side and I really like playing on the playground.

[kids talking and yelling]

Student 5:
So everyone grows, like, a vegetable each and they’re going to make recess, lunch and snack-attack.

Oh, okay, so you’re growing your own food to eat at school.

Student 6:
Every now and again, when you just want some fresh air, we do our work out there.

Student 8:
I like the music room, because we can learn to play different music and we teach each other marimbas, which is like a big xylophone.

Oh, so you teach each other.

Student 8
Yeah, to each other.

End of transcript

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