Video transcript – Future-focused learning

Penny Chow, relieving principal:
Hi, my name's Penny Chow, and I'm the relieving principal with Kempsey East Public School. We currently have 224 students enrolled at our school, with 25% of our students identifying as being Aboriginal.

The big drive at our school, is that we have developed high-impact teaching in a very supportive environment for our students. So that all of our students will be able to become active and motivated learners, who strive to succeed the best in their learning journey.

Integrating technology across the curriculum is a strong focus at Kempsey East. We have been very lucky, enough to secure funding from the Yogabow foundation, through the Schools Plus grant process. This funding has helped us to build on our network of schools in the digital learning community that we've created.

We have had a strong focus on professional development of our staff, not only at our school, but in our network of schools. And also, on developing skills within our students. This was highlighted at a recent robotics challenge that was held at our local high school.

So along our learning journey we've had to make many changes to our teaching and pedagogy within our school. One significant change has been a shift from, this is my class, to these are our students, and we want every student in our school to be achieving at least a year's worth of growth, for a year's worth of learning, and really going beyond and pushing themselves in their own learning journey. To do this we really have to work collectively at looking at all student's data, and really seeing what we can put in place, and where is the best places for them to be, to support their next learning step in their learning journey.

Creating the open, flexible learning spaces has provided us a vehicle to do this. It means that students are able to move in flexible grouping structures with staff with expertise, for the bit in their learning journey that they need.

Karen Knight, instructional leader:
Hi I'm Karen Knight, I'm the instructional leader here at Kempsey East Public School. At Kempsey East, our first strategic direction is high impact teaching.

We're improving student outcomes with a focus on literacy and numeracy through teachers working collaboratively. Reflecting on and refining their practice, to ensure high impact teaching.

At Kempsey East, the school vision was built by the school team working together to build and collectively write the school vision statement. The school evaluation process using the school excellence framework underpinned the development of the strategic areas for school improvement.

Following this process we analysed and evaluated the school baseline data in small teams, using the notice and wonder protocols. Groups presented their analysis and findings to the staff, and then staff chose their school planning teams based on the baseline data that we worked through together to write them and revise the milestones which they presented back to staff, for their feedback.

At Kempsey East Public School this year we tried to make sure we had triangulated data. For the first time in our school planning process we used Google Forms to collect baseline data from teachers and students. We have also collected baseline data using work samples, SCOUT data, NAPLAN analysis, teacher programs, Tell Them From Me surveys, and student and parent focus groups.

At Kempsey East, the teachers have been supported, they've been involved in on-going professional learning, such as L3, Seven Steps to Writing, and professional learning around the learning progressions and PLAN2 software.
Teachers are all given additional collaborative planning time each week, on top of their normal release. They use this for planning, consistent teacher judgement, data discussions, and mentoring, supported by their executive staff, and the instructional leader.

Our school surveys have heavily impacted the way our school is supporting teachers, students, and parents. We believe in everybody having a voice.

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