Video transcript – Entrepreneurial Learning

Canley Value High School presents a student-driven project targeting Yong Zhao’s three principles:

  1. Developing more personalise education experiences.
  2. Engaging in creating and entrepreneurial product-oriented learning experiences
  3. Cultivating and prototying new approaches, processes and products.

Student Phillip Le Canley Vale High School:
Hi, my name is Phillip and I'm a part of the High Achievers Group from Canley Vale High School. We've been working on redeveloping our library for the past year and a half.

Student 2:

Student 3:
Yeah, so there's levels, and we can make kind of a big use of the space. We have this and maybe this.

Teacher Librarian:
There should be more computers.

Student 4:

Teacher Librarian:
Available for students, say who can't book the computer room, computer area. There should be more computers around other areas where students can access it.

Student 4:

Student Brydon Truong, Canley Vale High School:
Our current library does not provide sufficient needs for students. This has led us to redevelop it and create a concept of a new design. One of our ideas in this design is the creation of a dedicated printing area. This dedicated printing area is designed for students to use because students rely on printing more than writing when they hand in their assignments. So, through the use of making this area, students can achieve and make better progress in the areas that we deem sufficient.

Student Wendy Hua, Canley Vale High School:
So, for this project I was nominated project manager and with that role, I had to sort of know what everyone else was up to, so I could sort of keep tabs on how people were going and yeah. I think our team really worked well.

Student Wendy Lam, Canley Vale High School:
What I think about this project is that it's been an incredibly empowering experience. Students have been able to learn different skills and cooperate with different people. And it's kind of paved the way for other students to be able to do the same.

Student Jennifer Boontian, Canley Vale High School:
Overall, it's a bit small and just not many tables, especially on rainy days where everyone's in the library. It's hard to find a quiet space to study.

Student 6:
When we were given this project, at first we didn't really believe that it was gonna come to life. It's the first time we really worked independently, so it was really stressful and look at where we are now.

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