Video transcript - Empowering today's learners to be tomorrow's problem solvers

Amy Dacey, Technology Coordinator:
Our students at Parklea are empowered to achieve greater than what we currently know to be possible. It is our responsibility as educators to facilitate student learning to ensure our students are successful in the future.

Ross Sutherland, Principal:
Today's kindergarten students will graduate from university and enter the workforce in 2036. The world has never been so connected. And our global village is shrinking due to the power of connectivity and technology. As educators, what part can we play in preparing our students for their place to thrive in this highly connected and competitive workforce?

Rosemary Mlinaric, Duty Principal:
In working towards achieving our school vision we must empower our students to be assessment capable learners, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and collaborators.

Ross Sutherland, Principal:
We have set ourselves lofty expectations through our school vision to develop learners, leaders, and thinkers achieving beyond what was ever believed possible. This ambitious goal is widely owned by our teachers, and our journey toward achieving our vision is continually translated into effective, evidence-based classroom practise through our strategic plan and our milestones.

[Girl] Our role as Techsperts within the school is to use the knowledge we have already learned and share it with other students in our school. We go into different classes and show students how to use simple tools such as iMovie to show their understanding and ideas. We help other students solve problems and encourage them to create changes.

Sheree Lawrence, Classroom Teacher:
Through the use of the Learning to Learn Framework, our students have shown growth in their development of their critical and creative thinking skills, which they've used to create their final product.

The final product is a rich task, and it is used to positively affect their lives and the lives of others. Students should follow this Learning to Learn process through initial to the final steps, where they use thinking tools and skills that they need to create their final product.

We want students to be working collaboratively, to be creators and to be effective problem solvers as 21st century learners, and this is the framework that we have found provides this for our students.

Students can then use this framework to apply it to any areas of their life to solve problems or to create a product by following the simple steps that they have used from kindergarten to year six to achieve success.

[Girl] Through the Techsperts program we develop many skills such as leadership skills for example. We've been able to lead teachers and students in developing their knowledge of different technologies. Our teachers ask us to think of different ways to teach others about the different technology tools in our school and then we get to lead programs and professional learning sessions to improve everyone's technology use.

[Boy] Being a Techspert requires us to be problem solvers. We work together as a team to work through challenges set for us. And we think about how we set challenges for others. When we go into other classrooms to work with students we consider the different ways we can understand our role as Techsperts is to help others solve problems and use technology.

Rosemary Mlinaric, Deputy Principal:
By using this framework students will lead the learning being digital disruptors rather than just consumers of knowledge.

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