Text version – Year 7 Passion Project

Journey summary

Passion based learning drives knowledge of each individual student’s interests to  develop their deep learning to provide them with the skills and capabilities required for life and work today.

Journey focus area

  • Project based learning
  • Passion based learning
  • Mentoring for students and parents

Timeline and milestones

2018 milestones

Passion project implemented in Year 7

  1. Surveyed students on their passion and interests
  2. Mentored parents on how to mentor their own child’s passions and interests
  3. Students researched their passions
  4. Students created a product of their choice based on their passions and interests
  5. Students displayed their products at exhibition to parents and the community.
2019 milestones Passion based learning will be embedded into all Year 7 programs
2020 milestones
  • Year 10 will be heavily mentored on their passions and interests to ensure suitable subjects or pathways are followed.
  • High level of parent involved.

Positive impact

  • Year 7 students' ability to create high quality products.
  • Year 7 students have the ability to be excited, committed and highly engaged in their learning at school and home.
  • Students are capable of decision making for themselves and involve their parents in their learning.


  • Pressure
  • Excitement
  • Disappointment
  • Happiness
  • Relief
  • Joy
  • Challenge

Main challenges and solutions

  • Some students needed assistance to discover what their passions were. More discovery time was needed with these students and often they changed their minds with what their passions were. Students were expected to change their passions and interest over time.
  • Some students do not know what a passion looks like or have never considered one. Over time more mentoring and surveying students is needed.
  • Strong parental influence or lack of engagement has a negative impact on students. A balance is needed here as parents are encouraged to support their child without having unrealistic or high expectations.
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