Text version – Virtual Reality journey at Cecil

Cecil Hills High School's journey through implementing virtual reality (VR) and Google Cardboard into classroom learning.

Phase 1 – Finding Inspiration

After attending the 'English Teachers Conference' in 2015, we were very excited to implement the VR applications we learnt back at Cecil Hills High School.

Phase 2 – Hands on Research

Using one VR Viewer, Felicity Wicks (teacher) hosted a staff 'show and tell' session in the English faculty to offer some hands on experience.

Then, using her 6 week break, she found more VR Viewers and creative ways to integrate VR into student learning. This included planning a VR excursion in a Year 8 novel study and a VR related text in a Year 9 unit.

Phase 3 – Initial Action

Based on the research and planning, both Year 8 and 9 used the Google Cardboard application to prototype using VR in the classroom for student learning.

Professional learning sessions on using VR were also facilitated for faculty groups.

Phase 4 – School Wide Action

After the English faculty flourished with using VR in the classroom, other faculties started to look at ways of adopting VR practices.

This led to school wide VR professional learning at the Staff Development Day, where everyone collaborated ideas on building, using and integrating VR devices into the curriculum where possible.

Phase 5 – Sharing Our Journey

The journey had now come full circle when Cecil Hills High School presented their experience with integrating VR into the classroom at the 2016 State Conference.

Cecil Hill High School are now in the 2nd year of integrating VR across all of their faculties and classrooms to supplement learning practices.

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