Text alternative – The impact of a STEM culture

Journey summary

Casula High School has a strong culture of STEM education. Our journey has seen the successful establishment of the Casula Code Factory, provided STEM opportunities and inspired students to embrace a STEM career in grades 7-12.

Journey focus areas

  • STEM
  • Careers
  • Coding
  • Professional development

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestones
  • Establishment of strong industry partnerships.
  • Continuation of extra-curricular STEM opportunities such as the NCSS Python Challenge.
2016 milestones
  • All staff receive STEM professional development.
  • Casula Code Factory established and used to support multiple learning areas.
2017 milestones
  • Continuation and expansion of STEM programs including growth from 5 students entering the NCSS Python Challenge in 2014 to 52 students entering in 2017.
  • Stage 5 iSTEM elective commenced with 2 classes.

Positive impacts

  • Students embrace the importance of a STEM education.
  • Increased number of females undertaking STEM as a subject.
  • 54% of students enrolled in stage 5 iSTEM are females.
  • Students inspired to undertake careers in STEM.
  • All girls' STEM club.

Emotions experienced throughout

Challenging, excitement, celebration.

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