Text version – Supporting dynamic learning

Journey summary

Piloting of two flexible learning environments and innovative teaching practices to engage students and to foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication in Year 5 and Year 6.

Journey focus area

  • Future-focused learning and teaching
  • Future-focused learning environments

Timeline and milestones

2016 milestones Discussion and feedback across the learning community with experts and ongoing professional learning.
2017 milestones
  • The planning: trial implemented using two classrooms with flexible learning furniture, student voice guiding process, ongoing professional learning, consultation, and design of future-focused flexible learning environments.
  • The pilot: implemented trial in two flexible classrooms enabling student choice for seating and movement of desks to suit a range of learning activities, student input and feedback and evaluation.
2018 milestones Nine classes using future-focused learning environments with a combination of new and old furniture based on feedback from the pilot classes. All nine classes are focusing on teaching creative and critical thinking, communication skills and collaboration skills within the flexible learning environment.

Positive impact

Improved student engagement, outcomes based achievement, student accountability, responsibility and ownership of their learning, improved student attitudes and self belief, enjoyment in learning.


  • Wonder, curiosity, bravery, frustration, disappointment, success, excitement,  rewarded, enjoyment, motivated.
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