Text version – STEM at Ellerston Public School

Journey summary

Establishment of a makerspace environment and technology access across the whole school.

Journey focus area

  • Collaborative learning
  • Problem solving
  • Student engagement in science, technologies and mathematics.

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestones  Non-existent and zero teacher inclination.
2016 milestones Teachers began facilitating engineering days.
2017 milestones
  • Teachers attended professional development and collegial visits were undertaken.
  • Grant was applied for and was successful. Purchasing of iPads, Lego, storage and robots occurred.
2018 milestones
  • Professional development with Ralph Pirozzo
  • Integration of STEM into science, geography and history KLA’s with a focus on engagement.

Positive impact

  • Opportunities for older students to lead and model “how to learn”.
  • Collaborative learning in an engaging environment.


  • Challenging
  • Enjoyable
  • Frustrating
  • Enlightening

Main challenges and solutions

Main challenge - Implementing across K-6 in a small school setting.
Solution - It was necessary to assign children with rotating roles in order to eliminate domination or lack of participation.

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