Text version – STEAM learning

Journey summary

Refurbishment of computer lab into a makerspace with a specialist STEAM teacher providing project-based learning for all students, K-6.

Journey focus area

STEM and STEAM project-based learning initiative

Timeline and milestones

2014 milestone
  • Initial discussion around what STEM education would look like at PPS.
  • Community engagement
2015 milestone
  • Fundraise for makerspace,
  • design space,
  • refurbish computer lab,
  • purchase equipment,
  • engage specialist teacher.
2016 milestone Open makerspace and commence STEAM project based lessons.
2017 milestone Embed STEAM lessons as part of core curriculum.

Positive impacts and emotions

  • Greater student engagement
  • Improved mathematical reasoning skills
  • Learning from engineering design process
  • 4Cs – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Excitement
  • Trepidation
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Satisfaction

Main challenge and solutions

  • Main challenge – Funding for space and equipment
  • Solution – P&C fundraising.
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