Text version – STEAM at Mullion Creek

Journey summary

Mullion Creek Public School uses a range of robots to develop students who are self-motivated and drive their own discovery and learning across key learning areas.

Journey focus area

  • Embracing STEAM as an integral part of the curriculum in K-6
  • EV3.0 Mindstorm robotics (Years 3-6)
  • Bee Bots (Kinder and Year 1)
  • WeDo 2.0 (Year 2)
  • Sphero SPRK (Years 3-6)

Timeline and milestones

2013 milestones Introduced EV3.0 Mindstorms to Years 3 to 6.
2014 milestones Competed in RoboCup Junior Australia and came second in the dance discipline for the state.
2015 milestones
  • Introduced Bee Bots to Kindergarten and Year One.
  • Won the dance discipline for RoboCup Junior NSW State and the Australia Nationals competition.
2016 milestones
  • All classes embrace STEAM as a KLA.
  • Each student in Years 4 to 6  entered the state competition of RoboCup Junior Australia in 2 disciplines: rescue and dance.
  • First in state in RoboCup Junior Australia in the dance discipline.
2017 milestones
  • All classes full STEAM ahead as all teachers and students engaged in robotics and other STEAM tasks.
  • Each student in Years 4 to 6 entered into the state competition of RoboCup Junior Australia in all 3 disciplines: soccer, rescue and dance.
  • First and joint second in RoboCup Australia Junior in the dance discipline.
  • Semi-finalist in RoboCup novice soccer.

Positive impact

  • Increased level of engagement in students
  • No discipline problems
  • Students building resilience as they see that perseverance is a necessary step to success
  • Working collaboratively to solve problems
  • Students see the relevance to everyday life
  • Students are geared towards working technologically
  • Students think creatively and divergently
  • Increased confidence in tackling other challenges.


Emotions experienced throughout:

  • Initial fear of the unknown.
  • Complete thrill at seeing the delight and enjoyment on our students’ faces.
  • Immersion in learning activities to the point of being oblivious to all external distraction (even recess or lunch).

Main challenges and solutions

Main challenge - Getting all teachers on board teaching STEAM.
Solution - Enthusiasm and support of Principal who has spearheaded getting the staff and P&C on board.

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