Text version – Preparing for the future

Journey summary

  • Adjustment to learning areas to enable 21st century learning.
  • Flexible learning spaces in shared areas.
  • Re-organisation of spaces to help facilitate changing pedagogies in education.

Journey focus area

Preparing for the Future at Zig Zag Public School.

Timeline and milestones

2012 to 2015 milestone

Yearly whole school projects that involve all children in large scale projects that make connections with the community and create real products.

2015 milestone
  • Australian Author's Walk Project which saw the creation of a sculptural walk and the development of an app to guide viewers through the walk. A challenge was flexible spaces that allowed groups to utilise technology.
  • Gathering feedback from students about preferred learning spaces .
2016 milestone
  • First stage of Flexible Learning Spaces – adapt our Technology Room to become more flexible through the purchase of tables on wheels and stools to replace traditional chairs.
  • Second stage of Flexible Learning Spaces – create learning 'stations' in corridor spaces.
  • Purchased two charging carts for our laptops, to ease the management of charging and increase security and increase number of laptops.
  • Staff professional learning and whole school agreements to use Google Apps for Education to support learning and teaching.
  • Development of a 21st Century Planning Proforma to ensure school activities are meeting our school focus of 21st Century Learning.
2017 milestone
  • Planning to extend flexible learning space design into individual classrooms.
  • Planning to implement Apple TV into classrooms to assist learning and assessment activities.
  • Professional learning for staff in how to use iPads to support formative assessment.
  • Integrate library and computer lab into one space.

Positive impact

  • Staff embracing new teaching and learning strategies
  • Student engagement
  • Embedding 21st century pedagogies into school activities through use of the School Planning Template.


Excitement, celebration, collaboration, focus, innovation, invigoration, motivation and support.

Main challenge and solutions

Main challenge: Creating modern learning spaces in a 125 year old building.

Solution: Use traditional spaces in innovative ways.

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