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Journey summary

We have embedded the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) principles of what makes a successful learning environment in to our pedagogical approach. We redesigned curriculum 7-10 and designed learning spaces that provide the alignment of space and pedagogy to support students and staff in collaborative, personalised and integrative practices. The spaces were designed to celebrate the social nature of learning.

Journey focus area

  • To engage students in learning through increased voice and choice.
  • Utilise space that celebrates the social nature of learning, the strength of collaboration and the need for personalising learning.

Timeline and milestones

Year A milestones
  • Ideas drafted about curriculum possibilities.
  • Extensive research on best practices - globally and nationally.
Year B milestones
  • Redesigned Curriculum Stage 4.
  • Reconfigured existing classrooms.
Year C milestones
  • Trialled Stage 4, Year 7 in new spaces with new pedagogical approach.
  • Developed Year 8 Design.
  • Gathered data on curriculum and furnishings.
Year D milestones
  • All stage 4 in learning spaces reflecting pedagogy.
  • Introducing all staff to use of space.
  • Finalising new build design, furnishing, curriculum and use of spaces.

Positive impact

  • Engaged Stage 4 learners
  • Independent learners
  • Use of Learning Coaches and Hub
  • Strong teaming and collaborative approaches.


  • Fear of the unknown
  • fear of failing.

Main challenges and solutions

Encouraging staff to step into the new spaces…supported by others

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