Text version - Momentum at Muswellbrook High School

Journey summary

Transition Year 7 students into high school by reducing the number of teachers and movement around the school by engaging students.

Journey focus area

  • Improve learning through a range of experiences and changes to traditional methods.
  • To make the school more engaging for students.

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestones

Students disengaged. High achievers catered for, however, the remaining cohort’s transition requires attention.

2016 milestones
  • Introduction of inquiry based learning with six staff provided with a three day training program.
  • Classrooms reorganised and appropriate furniture to encourage collaborative learning and practices purchased.
  • The number of teachers reduced with each teacher working across two subject areas e.g. English/HSIE.
2017 milestones

Program implemented. Students who at the grade appropriate are trialled within the program.

2018 milestones
  • The program will continue with a new cohort of Year 7 students.
  • All Year 8 students will have an inquiry based learning class of six periods over the fortnight.
  • Another six teachers have received training.
  • Inquiry based learning is slowly introduced where it is part of the school’s training and practices.

Positive impact

  • Students have expressed their continued engagement in their learning and connection to staff.
  • It has been a highly positive introduction to high school.
  • Behavioural issues were reduced in the lower ability class.

Emotions experienced

  • Challenging
  • Enjoyment
  • Excitement
  • Revitalised
  • Demanding

Main challenge and solutions

  • Working in the areas of maths has been a challenge due to the demands of the syllabus.
  • Lower ability students also require explicit learning in the areas of collaborative processes and research skills.
  • Due to the partial implementation, this also had an impact on reporting and meeting outcomes at similar times to other students.
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