Text version – Making Learning Meaningful

Journey Summary

Build student capability to be self-directed resilient, resourceful and reflective learners who apply higher order thinking skills, literacy, numeracy and ICT in Year 9.

Students develop leadership and student voice in and beyond the school community.

Journey focus areas

  • Conducted internal Needs Analysis.
  • Identified students’ need to develop relevance of their studies to their real world.
  • Addressed transference issues – students encouraged to make links from one curriculum area to another.
  • Strong professional learning support for teachers in building their learning power to instil student learning habits of resourcefulness, reciprocity, reflectiveness and resilience.
  • Establishment of business partnerships – Bankstown Local Council & ABC TV.

Timeline and milestones

2015 milestone
  • To begin ongoing process of professional learning around inquiry based student centred learning strategies.
  • Embed school culture based on the pedagogy of Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas’ Learning Dispositions.
2016 milestone
  • Continue developing culture of lifelong learning based on Dan Haesler’s growth mindset approach.
  • Establishment of community partnership ABC TV – provision of instructional leaders - 7:30 Reporter and guest judges.
2017 milestone
  • Redesigning learning hubs to facilitate collaborative learning and creative use of ICT.
  • Expanding communitypartnership with ABC TV and Bankstown Local Council.
  • Shark Tank innovation – testing and refining team campaign projects.



  • Increased growth of students attaining top two levels of project outcomes.
  • Student empowerment, develop a social conscience – willing to take on school leadership roles.
  • Student voice is now a feature within and beyond the school community
  • Strong collaborative teacher practice within the Making Learning Meaningful (MLM) Project and in KLA areas.
  • Strong belief in a team approach and shared goals to improve student outcomes.
  • Teachers develop confidence in using strategic questioning strategies.
  • Students develop and apply effective strategies for transfer.
  • Strong feedback from business partners increasing student capacity.


  • Emotions experienced throughout: stepping out of comfort zone hesitancy in embarking on new learning style
  • frustration, challenge, discovery
  • nervousness and excitement
  • celebrating success
  • strong feedback from business partners increasing student capacity
  • Students feel proud and confident about their learning
  • demonstrate compassion in their dealing with global issues.

Main challenge & solution

Main challenge – embedding project-based learning as a whole school practice.

Solution – the evidence informed the development of strategies in the systematic rollout of professional learning supporting the MLM Project. This was embedded in the School Plan over time and integrated into school practice.

Promotion and celebration of student achievement and recognition of teacher impact ensured the MLM Project acted as a valued catalyst to drive student learning outcomes.

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